Prevention Of Injury

Exercise can play an important role in preventing injuries and chronic pain. Regular excercise can also help someone maintain a healthy body weight which can also contribute to the prevention of injuries.

Balance & Fall Prevention

Our program focuses on improving patient wellness, and providing intervention for individuals dealing with balance and coordination issues that affect their daily activities and put them at risk for falls. We educate patients and provide individualize recommendations for home safety. Our goal is to enable our patients to maintain independent and healthy lifestyles. Balance may be improved with exercises that strengthen the ankle, knee, and hip muscles and with exercises that improve the function of the balance system. A simple assessment of your current balance will be performed to assess your needs and develop a personalized treatment program.

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Our geriatric rehabilitation specialists understand the unique needs of older adults. We tailor our geriatric rehabilitation programs for patients who may have multiple problems such as physical, cognitive and functional deficiencies.

Orthopedic physical therapy is the Is the foundation of our practice and represents the majority of our patient referrals. Our physical therapists are orthopedic specialists and experts in evaluating, treating and managing patients with orthopedic conditions. Some of these conditions include sprains, strains, tendonitis, arthritis, ligament tears, muscle tears, joint/muscle/tendon inflammations, post fracture injury, joint stiffness, joint pain, rotator cuff repair, ACL reconstruction, and post arthroscopic and total joint replacement surgeries.